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Help to resolve disputes and manage conflict from Interact Support Inc.

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About Us

Interact Community Dispute Resolution Service is trauma informed and welcomes everyone. If you are experiencing conflict or have a dispute to resolve, we may be able to help.

Our Services

We help through mediation services and workshops.

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Mediation Services

Mediation is a process where an independent mediator helps people to communicate and negotiate a resolution for their dispute


Conflict Management First Aid

This workshop will increase your confidence and skills in dealing with conflict situations.

Information sessions

Mediation Information Sessions

This session designed for service providers gives your team a good understanding of what mediation is, how to refer clients and how to support clients in mediation.


Conflict Management for One

These sessions are for people who are feeling blocked and unable to participate in mediation. They are tailored to your needs and help bring clarity about a way forward.

Means Tested

Our fees are based on your ability to pay.


A team of two mediators means additional support.

Australia Wide

In-person in some locations, otherwise online.


All mediators are NMAS Accredited professional mediators.

Client Stories

We don’t use client testimonials due to privacy and confidentiality obligations. These client stories are examples of the types of support we provide.

Help to resolve a long running dispute between brother and sister regarding the care and support of another family member.
Help to resolve conflict between the current committee and life members of a club regarding conduct and behaviour.
Help to resolve conflict between the manager and a team member in a workplace when communication had broken down.
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