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Mediation Services

Resolving Disputes

Mediation is a process that can solve disagreements by agreement. This process is voluntary, confidential, and successful in the majority of cases.

How we work

The ICDRS (Interact Community Dispute Resolution Service) is a co-mediation service where two mediators work together with the people who have a dispute.

The first step is a confidential pre-mediation session with each participant in the dispute. Then based on the information shared in that session, one or more mediation sessions are scheduled.

All types of disputes

Neighbour Disputes

We can assist with neighbour and neighbourhood disputes. Usually when a dispute is unresolved communication is impacted. Mediation brings you together to discuss the issues, clear up misunderstandings and finding a way forward to manage the conflict and resolve its underlying causes.

Workplace Disputes

Whether you are a not-for-profit working with volunteers or a business with employees and contractors workplace conflict is corrosive and damaging to the workplace environment. Our mediation and other dispute resolution services may be able to help clear the air and improve workplace relations.

Find out more about Mediation - for any type of dispute

This article explains how the Interact Community Dispute Resolution Service operates and who we may be able to help resolve their disputes through mediation.

Information sessions


Conflict Management First Aid

This group workshop session is designed for teams or individuals who need to deal with conflict situations such as de-escalating angry client situations or intervening on behalf of others. 

It teaches strategies to reduce the stress levels in conflict situations and to know when it is time to call in outside help.

Mediation Information Sessions

This is a short session, ideal for part of a team meeting, to educate about mediation and other forms of non-adversarial dispute resolution.

Mediation Information Sessions are offered for free as part of our mission to help people resolve their disputes without them escalating into higher conflict, abuse or violence.

Sessions are available for:

  • People who will be attending mediation (with ICDRS or another mediation service) on how to prepare
  • People who refer their clients to mediation on how to help them to prepare


Free Estimation

What does Mediation Cost?

We are a not-for-profit organisation and all fees paid by clients are means tested.

If you are on a low income or you are experiencing financial hardship the pre-mediation stage of the process is free to you with the funds to pay for the service taken from our hardship fund. 

Those who can afford to pay for the service pay $250 per hour. A standard mediation session which includes the pre-mediation stage and a three hour mediation will cost each person $625 at our full fee rate.

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