Joanne Law

Joanne Law

Joanne is on a mission to prevent violence and abuse by helping people to engage in dispute resolution processes before their conflict escalates into harmful behaviour. 

Joanne Law
Located in Gippsland Victoria


Joanne is a board member of Interact Support Inc. and a founding member and key leader of the ICDRS program. 

As a leader in the dispute resolution sector Joanne provides support for ICDRS team members and video mediation. She’s based in regional Victoria in Gippsland near the 90 mile beach. 




Practice Areas

My background encompasses customer service roles, process improvement, life, business and transformational coaching, process improvement (lean manufacturing) and education leadership in the vocational training sector. 

I became interested in mediation and family dispute resolution over a decade ago when my life journey brought me to the realisation that unresolved conflict is a major source of dysfunction for individuals, families, teams and communities. 

Since I became a mediator and decided that my mission for the rest of my life is to work to prevent conflict escalating into abuse and violence. I have chosen to leverage my own efforts by establishing Mediation Institute to train and support other mediators. 

The areas that I work in as a mediator are: 

  • Family Law Mediation (Family Dispute Resolution) through Interact Online 
  • Workplace issues
  • Community organisation disputes 
  • Transformative relationship mediation 

My approach

My basic approach to mediation is facilitative where my focus is on supporting communication, maintaining a safe process and helping the participations to make their own decisions about what resolution of the issues are going to be acceptable. 

 In cases where the people involved identify that repairing the relationship is important to them transformative relationship mediation may be a more appropriate approach. I see this as a process to help people to re-negotiate their relationship rules, this may be for people who are in an intimate relationship but can also be used between other family members, or even between people who work together, have business together or are part of the same club. 

How can I help?

Get in touch to find out more about our services and how we can help with education and dispute resolution. 

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