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Working together to prevent harmful conflict within our communities

The Benefits of Working Together with ICDRS

Help When Your Clients Need It

We are not a crisis service but we are available to begin mediation as soon as a referral is made. Your clients don't have to sit on waiting lists while their situation is getting worse.

Nationally Accredited Mediators​

All of our mediators are accredited under the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) That mans you can have confidence with the standard of mediation services we offer.

Partnering for Alignment

We prefer to partner with organisations who are seeking to be pro-active about dispute resolution. Through a MOU and Steering Committee we can streamline our processes, learn about your culture and policies in order to improve the tailoring of our services to your org.

Avoid Unnecessary Costs

Mediation is a way for people involved in a dispute, complaint or conflict to come together to make decisions or reach agreements. It is much less expensive and not adversarial in the way that legal action or going to a court or tribunal is.

Safe and Ethical

Our mediators always have a pre-mediation session with each participant to ensure that mediation is going to be safe and suitable. Pre-mediation is also used to help clients to prepare for mediation. We operate with the highest ethical standards.

Targeted Assistance

Our mission is to reduce disputes, conflict and violence in our communities so we have a number of other targeted services designed to assist such as our Conflict Management First Aid Workshop, Information Sessions and more.

Ask a mediator

Ask a Mediator

Our Ask a Mediator Call Back Service is for anyone who has a question about mediation, conflict management, dispute resolution in general or about the ICDRS services specifically.

It is Free, Confidential and with a NMAS Accredited Mediator.  Contact us to find out if mediation may help.


Mediation services provided by ICDRS are safe, culturally and trauma informed and confidential. Our entire mediation team are NMAS Accredited Mediators who in most cases use a co-mediation model. 

Contact us to find out if mediation may helpful. If you have a current issue or would like to explore partnering with ICDRS for the provision of Mediation services to your organisation or your clients.

Contact us for a free consultation!

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