Wendy Vlismas

Wendy Vlismas

My commitment is to assist and support people in disputes to bring about change and enable repair caused by the impact of conflict … with a vision of hope for now and the future.

Wendy Vlismas
Wendy Vlismas Rosie


Wendy is a founding member of ICDRS and continues to be a dedicated contributor to the professional team of volunteers whose vision is to assist people in conflict.

As a mediator and conflict coach she listens with understanding, guides and eases people into discussion to build their confidence, which enables them to make future focused decisions.  

Murwillumbah - Tweed Valley.

Practice Areas

Based in Brisbane but also with a deep seated connection with communities in the Tweed Valley of Far Northern NSW, I combine my life skills with 30+ years of extensive work history in Education, Psychology and Training to my insight as a mediator.

My quest to become a mediator began some years ago, brought on by the increase of people feeling overwhelmed with life matters, stress and harm caused by conflict. Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic worsened peoples’ feelings of well-being, marring their for hope in the future.


Registrations & more

  • NMAS Accredited Mediator – MSB National Register Ref No. 124-7614 
  • Mediation Institute Pty Ltd – Professional Accreditation Membership
  • High Conflict Institute – New Ways for Families ® Licensed Conflict Coach
  • LinkedIn Profile Dr Wendy Vlismas

I became a volunteer mediator with ICDRS as a not-for profit organisation to reach out to those not only in conflict but experiencing financial hardship. Additionally, it is extremely valuable for me working with the supportive team of volunteer mediators and our developed model of co-mediation: two mediators facilitating each mediation to provide the best possible outcomes for the parties.   

My areas for mediation practice include:

  • Organisations
  • Communities
  • Relationships
  • Workplace
  • Neighbourhood disputes

My approach

I practice inclusion and equity for all with an understanding of diversity within communities and the challenges that confront those in conflict.

The mediation process allows me as a practitioner to assist people who have otherwise not been able to resolve conflict. Providing a safe and supportive environment enables the opening of peoples resistance to having respectful conversations. In turn, this brings about communication that becomes future focused with optimism in sight.

How can I help?

Get in touch to find out more about our services and how we can help with education and dispute resolution. 

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