Pre-Mediation process for one person

The pre-mediation process is the first step in the mediation process.

You’ll meet with your mediators either via remote meeting e.g. Zoom or in person if we have a mediation clinic location in your area.

Why do I need to do a pre-mediation? 

Pre-mediation is a very important part of the process that makes sure that mediation is going to be safe, appropriate and that you are ready to make the most of the opportunity.

  • Safety – the obligation of the mediators is to make sure that everyone involved will be safe from physical harm and emotional or other abuse.  If there is a personal safety order in place the mediators need to see that before they will be able to contact the other person. There are options where they can still offer mediation services but making sure that it is safe. This will be discussed in the pre-mediation phase.
  • Suitability – not every issue is suitable for mediation. The pre-mediation gives you the opportunity to tell the mediator who is involved, what has led up to the situation and what you hope to achieve through mediation. In some cases, they may refer you to legal services or even the police as we won’t negotiate regarding illegal activities.
  • Self-Determination – mediation is a process designed for you to make your own choices about what you will or won’t accept unlike the court or tribunal system where the judge or other person in charge will make decisions for you that will be imposed. In order to self-determine you need to have a good understanding of the mediation process and potentially need to get some advice or other information so that you are prepared.
  • Self-Management – mediation is a respectful process where each of you need to listen as well as speak. Part of the pre-mediation process is to understand how you have negotiated in the past and provide some support and coaching to help you manage the discussions in mediation without loosing your cool. It is important to be able to raise and consider options as almost always ideas you may not have thought of come up in mediation.

What if I have special needs?

We support our clients based on their needs and however we can. In some cases it may be by having a support person attend the mediation, someone who knows you and how best to help you to manage through the process.  Our mediators are also very good at checking in and  making sure you are going OK.

What if I can’t afford mediation?

We are a social enterprise style social enterprise not-for-profit.

  • If you are on a health care card you will be eligible for our standard hardship discount which is no fee for the pre-mediation process and a reduced fee for the mediation process.
  • If you are unable to pay even that much you can put in an application to our hardship committee for a further discount.


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