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Dispute Resolution Services that fit

Surf Lifesaving Queensland

In early 2024 Surf Life Saving Queensland entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Interact Support Inc to access tailored dispute resolution services through their Interact Community Dispute Resolution Services (ICDRS) program.

ICDRS is a high quality, reasonably priced dispute resolution service which offers mediation and related services and support to help prevent, reduce and resolve complaints, disputes and conflict within the organisations we work with. 

How we work

ICDRS has a team of Nationally Accredited Mediators (NMAS) who help people to come together to discuss issues and work towards decisions and agreements. 

Where possible we use a co-mediation model which provides newer mediators with the opportunity to gain experience and experienced mediators the opportunity to mentor and ensure that services provided are of the highest standard.   

Sometimes processes that are not facilitated by an independent third party are called mediation but they are neither fair or independent. If you have participated in one of these meetings and are wary about the idea of mediation take the time to talk with one of our team to find out how different professionally facilitated mediation is.

Mediation facilitated by a professional mediator is safe, respectful and you will never be pressured into an agreement that you don’t find acceptable. 

The first step in mediation is a confidential, individual pre-mediation session with each participant in the dispute. Then based on the information shared in that session, mediation may be scheduled or some other process may be recommended.  

We also have other services that can be provided to help to improve interpersonal skills and assist with decision making regarding the best approach to resolve a complaint or other issue within the club. 

Scroll down to find out more about each of our services available under this MOU. 

Ask a Mediator

Ask a Mediator

Triage and Information

When it comes to resolving disputes and conflict situations one size doesn’t fit all. 

Our Ask a Mediator service provides an opportunity to speak with a professional mediator about your situation and develop a plan moving forward.
 Is mediation appropriate? 
Are you just needing a bit of guidance before having a difficult conversation? 

Confidential call back service

The call back service for Ask a Mediator has a service standard of getting back to you within 24 hours (on business days) 

Fill in the form with an outline of the issues and any requirements regarding contacting you.  The services are confidential.  We will not disclose what you have shared with us unless we have a duty of care or are required to by a court. 

Mediation Services

Resolving Disputes

Mediation is a process facilitated by an independent third party mediator who helps people who have a disagreement, dispute or conflict to work towards an equitable resolution. 

Mediation is voluntary, confidential, and in the majority of cases results in a resolution being reached. 

How we work

We can be contacted directly by one of the people in dispute or by a complaint manager for a club or region.  


Conflict Management First Aid Workshop

Building Skills and Knowledge

This interactive workshop provides the opportunity for teams and individuals to come together to learn more about conflict, how and why it escalates and how to de-escalate conflict situations. 

Like first aid for physical or mental health issues conflict management first aid is designed to give people the skills to handle situations in the moment and determine whether the assistance of a professional is needed. You can use the Ask a Mediator service to debrief and consider your options to bring in a trained mediator if you feel the situation requires more than “first aid”. 

More Information?

The workshop runs for three hours and is available in person or online.

We have a preference for the in-person workshop as it provides more opportunities for discussion before, during and after the workshop but the online option is still valuable to ensure access to all who would benefit. 


Information Sessions

Free information sessions

These group information sessions are available free of change either online or onsite (onsite depends on location) to tell you a bit more about the service and answer any questions you may have. 

Privacy – the information you provide will only be used to contact you regarding an information session. 

smiley, emoticon, anger-2979107.jpg

Anger Management Course

Learn to control this powerful emotion

Anger is one of our most powerful and protective emotions but without a good understanding of how our emotions work and how we can improve our awareness and ability to manage them strong emotions like anger can cause problems. 

In this short online course you’ll learn about the anger cycle, triggering and strategies to control your emotions rather than being controlled by them.  

How to enrol

The course is available fully online and you can complete it without the need to engage in an enrolment process other than paying the $39 course cost! 

You will be automatically issued with a certificate when you complete the course if you need to show it to an employer or loved one! 

Program Manager

 Kate Yeoman – phone 0407 965 791 

Downloadable Poster

Click on the image to download and print the poster for your notice board or other printed purpose.  Share a link to this page for electronic access.  

Fee information


ask us

The ICDRS can offer any type of mediation. For Surf Life Saving Queensland we mainly help with mediations resulting from complaints and other team issues but can assist in other contexts if needed. 

Our team are all NMAS Accredited mediators. Some have specialties such as Family Dispute Resolution or Elder Mediation so if team members have conflict situations outside their roles with Surf Life Saving QLD we may also be able to help.  Get in touch to find out. 

Some of our specialty areas are: 

– Family Dispute Resolution (Family Law Mediation) 

– Elder Mediation 

One of the key benefits of mediation is that it is a confidential process.  You can try to resolve the issues, make proposals and offers but they can’t be used against you in other situations or contexts. 

If you do both sign a written agreement that can usually be used as evidence of agreement and how well you comply with the agreement you made may be considered in other contexts. 

NMAS Accredited mediators are required under their accreditation to protect the confidentiality of client information and offers made and proposals considered in mediation can not usually be used as evidence in a court proceeding.  

We do have a duty of care and if threats are made we may have to take steps to ensure the safety of the people involved. 

Under our MOU with SLS QLD we will provide information of whether participants attended a mediation scheduled under the agreement and whether the issues were partially or fully resolved. We will not provide a copy of the agenda, agreements reached or any detail of the issues discussed. 

ICDRS is a national service that makes use of the surplus hours of our team of mediators. 

We offer extended hours, by appointment but don’t have set open hours. 

If you complete one of our enquiry forms, Ask a Mediator or similar we aim to have a human respond within 24 hours – Monday to Friday 

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