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Sponsored Conflict Management First Aid Workshops

Interact Community Dispute Resolution Service (ICDRS) is thrilled to announce a series of community dispute resolution workshops to be delivered during 2023 and 2024 financial year in the local government area of City of Casey.

With assistance from the City of Casey  2023/2024 Community Grants funding, and our partner training organisation, Mediation Institute, we are able to offer our Conflict Management First Aid Workshops for Community organisations at no cost. 

Workshop Outcomes

Workshop attendees will come away with safe early intervention tools and techniques to de-escalate conflicts, delivered by experienced qualified mediators with proven experiences in managing conflicts of all types.

You can apply to be a host site for a workshop if you are a community group e.g. a charity or not-for-profit for any purpose that supports social well being including sporting groups.  

We have funding to run ten workshops so please get in touch if you are interested as soon as you can.

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I had not realised that when I told people to "calm down" I wasn't de-escalating conflict, I was throwing fuel on the fire!

What is Conflict Management First Aid?

Conflict can ripple through the lives of not only individuals involved, but it weaves a complex web of tensions that affect relationships, well-being, and the very fabric of our communities.

Whether directly involved as a community leader or social worker or observing from the sidelines, each person bears witness to the transformative power of conflict, reminding us of the shared responsibility we hold in fostering understanding, empathy, and proactive resolution for a harmonious and thriving community.

Often leaders in community groups feel ill equipped to deal with conflict situations when they arise within community groups. 

The enjoyment of volunteering and participating can be lost if conflict situations are not managed appropriately. This can lead to turnover of members, votes of no confidence in committees and boards and sometimes even the destruction of the group.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

The Conflict Management First Aid course developed by our team provides:

  • Greater understanding of the sources of conflict
  • How to avoid “throwing fuel on the fire”
  • Practical strategies to de-escalate conflict situations safely
  • Guidance regarding how to triage the response and longer term interventions that may be needed 

And more delivered in an interactive 3 – 4 hour workshop. The take home manual has practical exercises to increase your conflict intelligence and can be used to guide your response if a conflict situation arises in the future.

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Workshop Host Organisations

Frequently Asked Questions

What if our group is not in City of Casey?

The grant to allow us to offer fully subsidised workshops is only for community groups in the City of Casey.

Find out more about standard costs for hosting a Conflict Management First Aid Course – Contact Us

  • Is it possible to apply for a grant from your own local government authority to host a workshop for the leaders of your group if you do not have a budget to cover the cost?
  • Can you ask a local business or group to sponsor your workshop?
  • Are you interested in hosting a public workshop? That may offset some or all of the cost of the workshop for your team.

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