What is ICDRS?

ICDRS stands for the Interact Community Dispute Resolution Service.

ICDRS is a project of Interact Support Inc, a social enterprise-style not-for-profit dedicated to advancing peace and resolving conflict throughout Australia.

What ICDRS does

Preventing Conflict

ICDRS provides preventative support for groups and individuals by educating them about disputes and conflict. This education includes how to avoid issues escalating into conflict or worse.

Conflict Management 

We also provide education and support for groups and individuals on how to manage conflict if it has arisen. Sometimes conflict can’t be avoided due to competition for limited resources or clashes of values and beliefs.

With good conflict management strategies the conflict does not have to have seriously negative consequences and a way to resolve it may be found.

Dispute Resolution

The ICDRS team provide dispute resolution services, generally in the form of Mediation. 

Mediation is a process facilitated by an independent third party, the mediator, which helps people in dispute to communicate, consider their respective points of view, generate options for resolution of the issues and negotiate in order to reach a resolution for some or all of the issues in dispute.

Our team are all qualified mediators covered by insurance and the standards set by the Mediators Standard Board 





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